What is Our Book Box?

OurBookBox reading series and workbooks are planned by a team of teachers who have many years of experience teaching young children to learn to read and write.

These books are specially chosen for their different genres and writing styles.

There are 3 levels for each language. Each level has 4 different languages namely, English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

There is a hanyupinyin series created to help young readers.

The reading books and workbooks are planned to complement and support the themes for your curriculum year.

Parents will find this site a joy to browse and buy the books that interest your child to learn to read.

For schools making multiple purchases of a single title for their reading classes, OurBookBox has the facility to customize the reading book cover to bear the School’s Name and Logo at no additional cost.

Free deliveries within Singapore when you purchase SGD50.00 and above.
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